About Us

The shelters that many of us were already supporting said it was fairly easy to find groups willing to buy or sponsor Christmas gifts for children, but their mothers seemed to have been forgotten.  We feel by supporting the mothers, they will, in turn, find the strength to create new lives for themselves and their children and not return to their abuser, and will feel stronger for their children. That is why our group “The Basketeers” was created.  We are a generous group of around 3500 volunteers with large hearts.  We are not a registered charity, every basket donated is a gift of encouragement and support for a woman as she transitions back into the community. 

Look how we’ve grown! In 2000, we donated 14 baskets to one shelter and in 2017 we supported 54 women’s shelters in Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Cobb County, GA with a total of 1,779 beautifully wrapped baskets. More than 10,000 woman have received a new beginning baskets from the Basketeers!

In seventeen years we have grown from the original group of Basketeers covering the Greater Toronto Area and we now have fifteen additional chapters located in Stratford, Ottawa, York, Durham, Hamilton, Niagara-West, Brantford, Guelph-Wellington, Collingwood, Kitchener, Thunder Bay, Prince Edward County, St John’s, Newfoundland, Montreal, QC and Cobb County, Georgia. Each chapter has their own drop-off location. This year that day will be on or about Saturday, November 17, 2018. Please check the chapter page for your area for specifics, including drop-off dates and locations. 

To "Give a Basket", simply register on the website www.basketeers.org. Once registered, we then have the ability to allocate baskets and coordinate transportation with the shelters.

You can also download our brochure (PDF) for an overview of the Basketeers that you can keep and share offline.

We look forward to meeting you in November.

Ready to give a basket?