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Welcome to GTA Basketeers

In the year 2000 I decided to start a grass root charity project that supports abused women as they transition out of area shelters back into the community. I began the initiative 21 years ago and it has been my mission to alleviate the distress and perception of helplessness for women who have found themselves in the unenviable circumstances of having to spend time in a shelter and support them through the difficult transition period. I realized that this could have been me or any number of my women friends. 

After many long weeks or months, each woman will take gentle steps towards a new life, leaving her past behind and begin anew, often with meager assets and without even the bare necessities. For the past 21 years, the Basketeers have assisted these women through their transition, offering a generous, beautifully wrapped "Basket" of both practical and heart-chosen gifts to each as she leaves the shelter.

We want to share the news with you on our plans for the Basketeers this fall so that you have enough time to plan for the upcoming revised campaign.

There are still so many unknowns with COVID 19 and we feel that this year’s Basketeers campaign needs to be launched with everyone’s safety and well-being as our top priorities. This includes the safety of chapter leads, volunteers, donors as well as the shelters and the women that receive the beautiful baskets donated. 

I worry, that for many Basketeers, shopping may pose a safety risk, and that meeting in a large group in November and transporting and storing the baskets require too many touch points for us to manage safely.

Violence is on the rise again this year and because of COVID 19 many women are home and cannot leave to access a safe place. It's difficult for us to know in advance how many women we will be able to support this year, but not having some sort of campaign doesn’t feel right. For more information about what women are currently facing, please visit:

Last year we supported 292 women leaving the shelter and starting new and our goal for 2021 is to at least surpass our 2020 campaign numbers. We understand that some of our donors are not working because of the pandemic and will not be able to participate this year. This is completely understandable and this email is not to add pressure.

This year we are continuing with the Basketeers new campaign asking individuals and groups who wish to participate to consider making financial donations. We are asking for donations to be made online or via e-transfer. Please note that no tax receipt will be issued as we are not a registered charity. 

The Basketeers is a non-registered community project, each donation is a true gift of the heart to a courageous woman. In 21 years, the Basketeers have expanded to thirteen cities across Canada and one location in the United States. We have gifted over $4.5M worth of In-Kind Donations benefiting 21,674 women! 

It's hard to believe that one small idea, to support women leaving the shelter system, would turn into the movement that is today.

I strongly believe that when you change the focus from yourself to someone in need your life becomes bigger. The Basketeers volunteer project has changed my life, introducing me to amazing new volunteers, donors, corporations and opportunities.

In helping these courageous women in their new beginning, we all benefit personally and grow our communities. For all of the women we are able to assist and from us, thank you. Please join us in launching the 2021 Basketeers campaign.

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Basketeers Founder

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