Three new ways to donate to the Ottawa Basketeers Campaign, please see details below. Please email us at   if you have any questions or are considering participating in this very exceptional campaign.

Welcome to Ottawa Basketeers

After fleeing a violent situation, women and children in the National Capital Region, will often arrive at local women's shelters with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Once they are safe from the violence, they face the prospect of starting their lives over and rebuilding a home from scratch.

Since 2009 the Ottawa Basketeers has tried to make the transition to their new beginnings a bit easier. Twice a year, and with the help and support of our Basketeers, volunteers and the community, we collect new household items to be donated to these women to start their new lives.

Although the future may be unknown, the women receiving the baskets can be assured that someone in their community cares for their well-being and is supporting them.

This year we are reimagining the November 21st Ottawa Basketeers campaign and are offering three options for those of you wanting to participate this year.

Option 1 Gift cards: We are asking individuals and groups to consider purchasing gift cards which will be counted as official baskets. Gift cards can be dropped off the day of the official drop off (November 21st) and we will distribute them to our shelters.

Option 2 Gift cards: We will send you a "prepaid addressed envelope" that you can drop in the mail with the gift card going directly to the shelter indicated on the envelope. The shelters will then gift the "gift cards'' in the same way they would distribute baskets.

Option 3 Baskets: If you have been hanging onto baskets since May we will be very happy to receive the baskets on November 21st and deliver them to the shelters.

Gislaine & Brenda

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