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"I just want to thank you for this wonderful basket! It truly means so much! My goal is to invest in myself and this basket is the first step! Thank you for your kindness."   - S., 2022 basket recipient


Tragically, domestic violence continues to be on the rise, and abused and compromised women need people to care about them more than ever! If you are looking for a meaningful way to help, Windsor Basketeers offers a loving and giving pathway to help give women much-needed items—providing the hope and encouragement they deserve.

Please help us reach our goal of 42 baskets, which will be gratefully received by women who rely on Hiatus House to help them leave violent relationships and transition from the shelter to a new, safe home. 


Please register your basket on our main website ( so we know it’s coming.


Preparing a basket can be a wonderful family or group experience. Fill a laundry basket or a lidded storage tote with whatever YOU think someone would love! Its contents will provide much-needed items, and your efforts will offer help when it means the most.

Here are a few tips for putting together your own basket:

  •  Items should be new or nearly-new in perfect condition.
  •  Please attach an itemized list to the outside of your wrapped basket or lidded tote.
  •  Avoid sized clothing, but if you insist, please be sure to indicate the size on the list of items.
  •  No food or beverages, please and thank you!
  •  Don't know what to put in your basket?
    •  Kitchen: cutlery, dish set, glasses, pots, fry pan, dish rack, dish towels, oven mitts, cutlery tray, bakeware, can opener, potato peeler, spatula, stirring spoon, ladle, measuring cups/spoons, storage containers/bags, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, etc.
    •  Bathroom: towels, wash cloths, bath mat, tub safety mat, shower curtain/liner, plunger, wastebasket, hair dryer, organizers, first aid kit, nail kit, etc.
    •  General items: 3m hooks, journal, tool kit (screw driver, hammer, etc.), Swiffer cleaning tools/duster, microfibre cloths, etc.
  •  Please also include a loving note to provide a warm hug!


Drop-off date:         Saturday, November 25, 2023

Time:                          10  a.m. - 12 noon

Place:                         The Safety Village, 7911 Forest Glade Drive (Windsor)

I launched Windsor Basketeers because I wanted to help my community, and I am absolutely overwhelmed by your generosity and golden hearts and am committed to keeping this annual initiative focused and strong!

I invite you to join me and others in standing behind brave women on their journey to a new beginning.

For information regarding e-gift options for donation*, as well as additional information about how to put together a basket, please email   .

With warm regards,

Mary-Ann Stark, Windsor Basketeers

*Please note Basketeers is not a registered charity. No tax receipt will be issued for donations.


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